Custom Architectural Metal Products

Custom Corner Guards · Protective Wall Covering · Column Wraps · Railings

Design & Manufacturing Services

Detroit Architectural Metal uses state of the art CAD systems to develop, design, and manufacture your architectural metal needs.

Detroit Architectural Metal Design Services

Our Products

Detroit Architectural Metal works closely with architects and contractors to provide custom architectural elements for renovations and new construction. Detroit Architectural Metal specializes in historically accurate reproductions of both exterior and interior architectural finishes such as wraps, railings, sconces, and all other metal items. Detroit Architectural Metal also provides all types of metal finishes for new constructions and works closely with architects and planners to bring visions to reality.

Sample of Manufactured Products

  • Bumper guards
  • Metal trim Pieces
  • Custom grills and registers
  • Bollards
  • Grid plates
  • Custom angles and brackets
  • Decorative divider panels
  • Primacy screens
  • Metal Replacement pieces and parts
  • Trench drains
  • Pass thru boxes
  • Custom trim pieces
  • Shields
  • Window guards
  • Bike Racks & Hoops
  • Corner guards
  • Splash guards
  • Electrical back boxes
  • Kiosk / Podium Stands
  • Shrouds
  • Wall caps
  • Custom vent covers

Some items may require installation:

  • Railings
  • Foot rails
  • Protective wall covering
  • Elevator surrounds
  • Column wraps
  • Bank vault surrounds

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